It’s Cap’s Big Game day and we brought the heat with a spot on TV…but thought you guys would like a brand new, full length trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier even more. Enjoy!


as a serial killer my name would be the suspense so my victims would be like “oh no, the suspense is killing me” and we would both laugh right before i killed them


why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever meet a chicken? Cause those things will fuck you up man

I started to turn bad and fight all the time. By my first year of high school, I was a full-blown juvenile delinquent.

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Sprouts  |  Lorena Alvarez

I love this series of illustration on photographies by Lorena. To start with, her style is simply the most adorable illustration style I’ve seen, but I think it’s more that feeling of fairy tale that it has. 

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